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Conservatory or extension

I am ready to buy a conservatory and the cost is £ 16000. 3.5 m x 4 m. Would I get a reasonable single storey extension for that coSt.

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Hi Liz
You don't say where in the UK you are.
Here in Glasgow i use the cost of £1000 / m2 when I submit applications to building control. So it is possible to get an extension built for the same amount of money as your conservatory
Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Jul 2015

Won't be far off, just quoted 26,000 for a 4x4 extension inc foundation down to paint with 2 velux windows etc. Can obviously save some money painting yourself. Conservatorys are a bit past it now, can't beat a solid build extension.

Good luck

Calum @ CMT Contractor


Answered 2nd Jul 2015

Hi Liz,

Your geographical location will have an impact on the supply/build costs, but that seems expensive for a conservatory even with higher specification materials. I would suggest getting more prices for the conservatory and perhaps some `basic' drawings for your desired extension that builders could provide estimates for.



Answered 6th Jul 2015

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