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If my builder bought a kitchen from magnet but won't show me invoices, magnet wont show either

My builder is refurbishing my house as I got flooded 7 months ago. I've asked for invoices for my kitchen from Magnet but he has told me that he can not get them. I've contacted Magnet in regards and ask if they could give me costs of how much he paid for this at trade price but again they informed that "unfortunately I have escalated this to my line manager and he said under no circumstances can they forward me an invoice"

I've also invited them out to visit my house to look at how there tradesmen work with there produsts and at the beginning on the week he agreed to come out and now he is sayin " it will not seen kindly to the customer (builder) if Magnet attend my house"

Question is -
- is there a law or something put into place for a customer to see invoices
- am I not the customer? Even tho the builder bought products with my insurance money?

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Hi , If your builder has quoted for the refurb work and that has presumably been approved by your insurance company, then the cost of any materials is not your business and the money is not yours. The arrangement he has with magnet is a trade account and that also is not your business.
You do of course have a say in quality of service from your builder,but his trade discount is exactly that -his trade discount. Some tradespeople may pass on some or all of their discount depending on the relationship with the client,but trade discount is based on the fact that tradespeople spend alot of money with the retailer. You should have taken control of purchase of kitchen and
not expect him to get it for you.Even if you gave the builder the money and he told you what the kitchen cost, then that is the cost of the kitchen.
It does not really matter to you how much anything costs in the refurb of your house, because the cost is being borne by your insurance company and not by you.
And finally, of course there is no law for customers to see invoices.


Answered 11th Sep 2011

what the builder pays for the kitchen is his business the same goes for any product you buy. Would you ask to see what the supermarket paid for the groceries that you buy, its the same principle as a business we have to make a small markup on the produces we supply to cover our costs such as time to order and our time taken to design and cost the jobs.


Answered 18th Sep 2011

It is quite likely your builder does not want you to see the invoice because he has put a mark up on the kitchen.As a trade account holder he will receive up to 50% trade discount from Magnet as i also do.It would seem to me that he has not passed all of this discount on to you and showing you the invoice would prove this.
However in the builders defense you must have agreed a price for the works so why would he need to show you invoices unless it was a labour only quote.


Answered 11th Sep 2011

If you walk into a shop and want to buy lets say a TV do you ask how much they paid for that TV and demand to see invoices? NO you don't.
Tradesmen are in the supply chain and have a right to mark up products they sell as does anyone in business.


Answered 1st Oct 2011

Hi your find that your builder has got discount and will not show you how much he is getting. Magnet are looking after their customer- he probaly buys alot of kitchens from them , you are buying 1.

Couple of questions -

1- Did you agree price for supply and fit + choose kitchen design , if so there is no need to see invoices has you've agreed to prices - so it is irrelvant what the kitchen cost if you've agreed for the work to start. Unless its a different kitchen to what you picked

2-Are you happy with his work, if not call your insurance company and they will send one of their surveyors to have a look.

Its not good for the customer or the builder to change the goal posts half way through the job
When you go to the garage to have your car fixed, do you ask for all parts invoices the garage as bought or ask for discount on a price agreed?

Hope you get this sorted and the kitchen is fitted well

All the best Wayne


Answered 11th Sep 2011

Is he your builder or from the insurance company if he is your builder did you agree a fixed price if so why do you want copy's of his invoices do you think he is overcharging you? most builders add at least 40-50% on some materials to cover their overheads and dare I say it make a Profit which they are fully entitled to do. If you do not trust the builder and are not happy with his work complain to the insurance company if he is your builder don't use him any more and tell every one you know why.
and next time use a recommended tradesman with good reviews such as one on


Answered 11th Sep 2011

hi. i trust you got quotes from several tradesmen before agreeing his price. if so then i would say you have no right to ask to see his invoices as you have agreed the price quoted.never agree a job unless you are happy with the overall price.


Answered 15th Sep 2011

With the kindess regeards to your letter
the builder is entilted to mark up the product from magner as he has to service
his account in doing so he is awarded with discount on the volume of products and the continued credit from magnet.the builder is giving the customer credit
and the mark is the same as taking credit on else where if there was no profit the builder would not be in buisness


Answered 11th Sep 2011

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