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Reusing bricks for extension

Is it possible to reuse bricks when building an extension? For example, removing an external boiler / shed style room attached to side of the house (as well as part of external wall which would become open plan kitchen/living) and using these bricks as part of a modern extension / orangerie style (assuming there were enough bricks). If not, how close can the colour match be for a 1994 build, or can you source identical bricks? In this case, is moving the boiler from external to internal a major restraint?

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Bricks can always be re-used, and also it is always possible to buy reclaimed bricks. It is always far preferable to use re-used or reclaimed bricks when building an extension, nothing looks worse than miss-matched bricks. Size and colour are both very important. BUT, reclaimed bricks are usually more expensive than new bricks, this is partly because it is expensive to clean the bricks of old cement. But, in any property, correctly matching bricks are very important. You can find on the internet many companies that specialise in reclaimed bricks, it is best to take a few representative bricks to them, they will then show you what they have that matches the bricks. Usually, they will have thousands of bricks that match.

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Paul Albright


Answered 18th Aug 2015

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