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Electricity to external garages

I am looking for initially a quote (as the decision to go forward has to be put towards all residents of the properties) for electricity to be installed, providing garages with light, as the garages are seperate to the houses.

Connecting the electricity to the main line with one resident being billed who can be refunded the cost by all other residents.

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Does the resident who has all the garages connected to their supply realise that if a fault occurs on any of the garages access will be needed to their property? Its a bad design linking this to a residential property. It would be far better to get a new electrical supply installed from the street (contact your distribution network operator) and the garages have its own outdoor meter in a white cabinet. You need to think about what happened when the person who has this connected to their house supply moves. the new owner would be entitled to cut off the cable and so you will have lost your supply!


Answered 30th Jun 2015

It may be worth looking into a solar solution, assuming the garages have roofs, 4 panels and a couple of deep cycle batteries wired to led spots would cost about as much as getting a separate mains supply installed


Answered 6th Jul 2015

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