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Wiring a pull cord light switch with two cables.

my bathroom ceiling light and pull cord switch were replaced and now the light won't come on at all. There are 6 wires in total. 2 x red, 2 x black and 2 x earth. 1 red wire is continuously live and connected to the common and the other red wire is connected to L1. The two black wires have been connected to a separate terminal.
Ceiling light has just one cable coming through with red, black and earth wire. Wired the red with the brown live wire from light fitting and black with the blue wire from light fitting. Wired the earth wire also. Still nothing.

Any feedback/help would be greatly appreciated
Nb... There is only one cable containing 3 wires..( black, red and earth) coming from the ceiling connected to the light fitting.

Yes you're right, the two black wires now show as neutral.
I have connected them both to a separate terminal block and wire the constant live red to COM and the remaining red to L1.
From the ceiling there's just one cable with a red, black and earth wire. I've connected the blue wire from my light fitting with the black wire and the brown wire from the light fitting with the red wire from the ceiling.... And connected both earth wires... Still nothing. What am I doing wrong here??

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How did you establish one of the black wires was live? if you separated them (after they were connected together) then its likely that the electricity has gone through the live (red), and through the element of the lamp (bulb) and continued down the now unconnected black (neutral) - i.e. its just an extension of the live cable. Alternatively it could be capacitive coupling giving a false indication, just depends on how and what you used to test the cables!


Answered 30th Jun 2015

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