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Electric water pressure pumps

Hi we have bought a house and the previous people have stated the shower doesn't work and regrets having it in. I have found there is a pressure pump in the floor boards and black electric cable running away from it and looks to go up the wall. Mmmmm not wanting to smash the wall in as will cost more to rectify. Tried finding where the wire goes to etc and checked the consumer unit can't see anything. My question is can a qualified electrician isolate all electric and cut this pump wire then cap off or is it best leaving it in the floor as the wiring is and plumb bath in as normal

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Hi there Newby_22

The black wire that you see will normally go off to the wiring centre for the boiler. This is normally located by the boiler or in the airing cupboard. This can be removed from the electrics easily if it is indeed redundant.


Answered 1st Jul 2015

The pump could be there to increase the water pressure. Normally used if you have a hot tank or low pressure coming from boiler. These pumps are normally constantly 'ON' but only come to life when the water pressure on the outlet side of the pump drops and then it boasts the pressure. The black flex 'should' be going to a fused spur, located outside of the bathroom.
I try and see what is connected to the pump, whether it is the shower, and then run the shower and see if pump kicks in. If not then could be broken or turned off somewhere. The previous owner would not of had this installed for not reason


Answered 21st Sep 2017

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