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Lights connected to the sockets master fuse

I have two wall lights in my living room, I need to remove them for decorating but when I switched off the fuse for all downstairs and upstairs lights, the wall lights were still on. After testing the other fuses I found that they are linked to the sockets master fuse. What would be the safest way to remove these lights? Can I simply switch off the sockets, unwire the lights and push the cables back behind the wall? Or will it need more work than this?

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Their should be a switched fused spur somewhere to turn the lights on/off and also to fuse the lights down to 5amps ?

If so, turn off all power and remove the fuse.

If you're even the slightest bit unsure. Call an electrician.


Answered 28th Jun 2015

Hi Robert
The wall lights may be taken from a fused connection unit,fed from the sockets,if this is the case then this is okay,If not the lights will need to be put on the lighting circuit.
Regards paul


Answered 28th Jun 2015

Spurring wall lights off the sockets circuit is not great. As this sounds like a bodge job, best get a registered electrician in and get the cut off and made safe properly. Likely to be a £30 sort of job.


Answered 2nd Jul 2015

the safest way would be to call an electrician in tbh before something nasty happens to you or your family.


Answered 26th Jun 2015

call a electrition under no circumstances do you push live cabels in to the wall without them being caped they can make your walls live (electric flowing in walls) this is very dangerous do not attempt this as you have stated you dont know what you are doing.


Answered 28th Jun 2015

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