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Exposed twin and earth

I have recently had my kitchen replaced which included some new wiring to plug sockets. However, the additional twin and earth cables have been left exposed behind the base units and in the space behind the washing machine.

I have suggested that this is not ideal and that the cables should be contained in at least mini-trunking. However, the electrician has informed me that it is normal to have the twin and earth cable exposed behind the base units.

Is this correct?


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It maybe normal to him, but BS7671:2008 requires that cables be clipped of adequately supported! Leaving cables in free air in the void behind the cupboards is not compliant and is a Category C3 defect.


Answered 2nd Jul 2015

If your spark is customer friendly he would come back and fix what you dont like. Not ideal what he has done, have you paid him? I always make sure i cover all exposed cables no matter where they are.


Answered 26th Jun 2015

hi oddjob
there is nothing wrong of clipping twin and earth cable behind kitchen units,as this is normal practice unless you have paid to have all wiring chased in.
Regards paul


Answered 28th Jun 2015

Behind the base units is ok but not behind an appliance ie washing machine which should be put in mini trunking


Answered 29th Jun 2015

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