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Fixing celotex to concrete ceiling

Hi,need a bit of advice how to fix 90 mil Celotex onto concrete ceiling.we have space available of 100 mil and building control ask for 90 mil Celotex and 9.5 foil back plasterboard as could not go over 100mil because of door lintel.
How can we fix it ,what sort of fixing do we need? If possible step by step instructions will be great.
This is an outbuilding with one layer skin bricks and concrete roof so we know what to do for the walls but this is a tricky one as can't fix battens is no space available.
We thought if we can use 50 mil Celotex fix in place with 40x60 battens then 40 mil Celotex in between the battens then foil back plasterboard.
Is this a good idea? Can we pass building control using this method or something else can be done?
Any suggestions?
Building control said I we use Celotex and foil back plasterboard I don't need polythene membrane.
Thank you

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Your method seems reasonable, 50mm Celotex stuck to ceiling with a polymer based adhesive/sealant and propped up temporarily and then battens mechanically fixed to ceiling through the insulation boards. I suggest concrete screws,these require a pilot hole and are screwed into the concrete without the need for expansion plugs. This will leave you enough depth to fit 40mm Celotex between and foil backed plasterboard screwed to battens.


Answered 25th Jun 2015

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