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New extension work won't meet building regulations

Hoping for some advice about our building work. We have had a small extension built, which has a outside door. Because of the ground levels, the door is several feet off the ground. The builder is saying that putting steps in (which I assume is necessary for the work to meet building regulations) is not in scope.

Do you think he is right? Steps aren't explicitly mentioned in the contract but I assume a builder normally includes in his price everything that is necessary to make his work meet current regulations.

Thoughts please?


John Boniface

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Hi John
Apologies, but you and your builder are each both right, and wrong.
I can only advise how we conduct ourselves, our procedures and the information we require and provide.
But if I may highlight some pertinent points, of which I'm sure you're aware, it really isn't whether there's a compliance issue, more if an oversight or incorrect assumptions made by both parties.
The builder, he really should have clarified this at quote, schedule & scope of works stage. Some builders do intentionally 'over look' stating the obvious so they can have one or two 'extra overs' on the job.
He is within his rights not to build the steps if not stated it was part of your agreed scope of works / contract. But not to just proceed and build them without your prior consent or agreement, and try to charge you extra for them.
It is your choice whether you accept his price, or indeed have him carry out the work if he will not do the steps free or as part of the original order / contract.
Hope this helps although it seems I am stating the obvious.


Answered 25th Jun 2015

Unfortunately if it's not in the drawings somehow then I doubt he will have quoted for it. Obviously this being extra work & material so at additional cost. It should be in the drawings however........


Answered 25th Jun 2015

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