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Relocate soil pipe or stack pipe

we're planning a single story pitched roof extension across the entire back of the house, with the existing rear wall knocked through to make one big open space.
Currently the soil pipe from the bathroom above the existing kitchen runs down the corner of the kitchen wall, boxed in, but obviously this wall will be removed and the pipe would therefore be in the middle of the new big room.
I don't want to have a pillar in the middle of the room where it is boxed in, so my question is, how does a builder re route it and where to?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

It could be moved to the side of the house and a new access chamber installed and connected to the main sewer pipe depending on where that was situated and then run the stack up the house and bend it round to the back of the house to the existing toilet pipe/sink pipe. Its not a hard thing to be done, just be aware as with most things Building control would need to inspect before covering up and some ask for pressure tests to be done.


Answered 23rd Jun 2015

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