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Hydrochloric acid

I have had a plumber look at my slow draining shower tray... he says I need hydrochloric acid to clear the blockage. Charged me a small fortune for this advice.. then said he doesn't keep it in his van because of rules and regs and needs to return to complete the work. Is this true.. about the regs? Because he's going to charge me all over again...

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Hi sarah just get a good drainage company to assist or buy a plunger that is a large rubber cup on a small wooden handle and try to remove the blockadge
your self but would not put acid down the drain Regards Dave


Answered 23rd Jun 2015

Hello Sarah,

As Dave mentioned acid in my experience has caused more damage then good,

Yes and no regarding regulations and stocking the acid as it is harmful to the enviroment and the container is supposed to be disposed of correctly.

Good plunger or Drain rod usually does the trick with some elbow grease.




Answered 26th Jun 2015

Hi Sarah - shower traps (the U-bend thingys connected to the plug hole) are by their nature very shallow and tend to block easily with hair which becomes matted together with grease and soap. Simply accessing the trap is often difficult so with this in mind most shower plug holes are designed to be able to lift out the grill so as to aid maintenance. I've unblocked a number of these and usually find that if you can get the top of the plug hole (usually by turning it slightly to the left), you can get hold of the blockage. Be warned, what often comes out will resemble a dead rat! and won't smell too pleasant either. Hope this helps. Rick


Answered 28th Jun 2015

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