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Removed radiator - can i cap it if i don't want to put it back on?

Hi all,

I've removed my radiator in the kitchen, drained it all down etc so that the kitchen could be plastered. I don't think I actually want to put the radiator back as it looks better without it there to be honest. Can i do that?

It won't stop the heating from working will it? I was thinking that if i put cap ends in the valves then the water would just stop there and still circulate ok??

I had a new combi boiler installed a few months ago to replace a very old system with a water tank. The old radiators remained.

Let me know if I haven't given enough detail.

So yea, I don't really want the radiator there at all now, so would love to know if i can just cap it or if i actually have to do more? Or do i simply have to put it back on?


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

Its fine, you will have no circulation issues. Make sure the pipework or valves are capped off correctly.


Answered 19th Jun 2015

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