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Leak coming through kitchen light

We've recently moved house and therefore are unaware of some of the problems. In our bath there is one of those plugs that has a handle that turns to lift the plug up. We thought it was like an overflow. We realised that the handle wasn't working and so had a go at fixing. This didn't work and we ended up removing it. Tonight my wife had a bath and some water went through the hole, she wasn't overly concerned as we assumed it was like an overflow. Unfortunately quite quickly we realised that water was dripping through the light fitting in the kitchen. This was a slow steady drip and has since stopped. My question is will we need an electrician to come out or as my mother in law suggested, just let it dry out?

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Sorry to here about the leak / flood. Always a distressing event.
Without wishing to sound unhelpful, I'd be surprised if a electrician on here would be prepared to say 'yes, let it dry out, it'll be ok!'.
As professional electricians, we have specific, tangible metrics that tell us if something is 'ok' or not.
These include, measuring the insulation resistance of the cable to ensure the cable condition is ok, Zs to ensure adequate fault current to trip the breaker in the event of a fault, as well as visual checks to ensure it looks ok, and is protected from further damage (if necessary, adequate IP rating).

I'm not saying it won't be Ok, I'm just not committing to saying it will without proper investigation that a qualified, registered electrician can do.



Answered 15th Jun 2015

Hello dear,

I would suggest that first you please check the source of water leak,
I.e, what is above kitchen ceiling directly? Is your bath located above? Is light still working?? Because if water leak is stopped and light working then you might not need electrician. Just let it dry out. Please upload picture which can help to answer ur question .




Answered 15th Jun 2015

It will dry out in time, can take months if water has got into the cable insulation. Always worth getting the insulation resistance of a circuit that has been affected by water/flooding checked.


Answered 15th Jun 2015

In long term , you should get somebody in to have a look . If it's not messing with the fuse box let it dry for the time being as it might be already cancelled. But again, you should get it checked. Something minor can cause serious damage in long term .

Raz @ NeatlyMade


Answered 15th Jun 2015

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