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What roof for extending a single storey extension

Hi Guys

Hoping for some guidance as to what would be best.

We currently have an extension on the back of the house 5.75 by 3m that was added on in the 80's. It has a pitched tiled roof. We are wanting to double this to 6m to make a bigger kitchen.

My question is, whats better/cost effective;

1. keep existing roof and put flat roof and lantern in new ext.
2. remove current roof and put new one on with sky lights


2 Answers from MyBuilder Extension Builders

For me option two sounds a lot LESS problematic.

Good luck

Calum @ CMT Contractor


Answered 15th Jun 2015

A flat roof is recommended, it will be: cost effective, add Integrity of the roof build, and skylights will compensate for the light loss.


Answered 1st Aug 2017

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