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Four ovens one cable

I am having four ovens in my new kitchen the total output is 12.2kw
can i run these all on a 10mm cable with a 40amp rcbo.
cable run 6m through stud wall then ceiling?

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Not totally ridiculous but I would recommend running 2x 6mm T+E 32A rcbo supplies running 2x ovens off each supply. If you have an issue with any of your ovens then you would not loose all your ovens due to fault tripping.


Answered 15th Jun 2015

12200 watts at 230volts is just over 53amps. It would work on a 10mm cable but is very poor design. Much better to have two 6mm cables each with two ovens each with a 40amp RCBO. Each oven will need an isolator switch fitted close by it so that each oven can be turned off for maintenance.


Answered 15th Jun 2015

Can't really give a definitive answer without looking at the individual units, and the purpose of your kitchen. Is it a domestic kitchen? Or light commercial? (Cupcake making business maybe, wild guess lol😀) Are you going to have all 4 ovens on at the same time? On full load?
If yes, then you're already over capacity. P=I x V... 12200/230= 53A.
If it's a domestic environment where this is unlikely, then you can apply diversity assumptions to the loading.

However, to help you decide, you need to review the wiring regs.

With reference to the wiring regulations on site guide:

Cable carrying capacity & matching the fuse.
All the reference methods that don't include excessive insulation allow for 10mm2 t&e to 40A.
So, a 40a fuse would protect a 10mm cable.

Demand & Diversity
The diversity guidelines for domestic say: 10 a + 30 % full load of connected cooking appliances in excess of 10 a + 5 a if a socket-outlet is incorporated in the control unit.

The simple answer is:
Don't know without further design and discussion, although 10mm is permitted on a 40a breaker.

(also need to think about load at CU, tails overall load/capacity in the context of the rest of your house, eg do you have electric showers, hot tub etc etc etc)

A good electrician will design the right config with all these factors taken in to account.



Answered 15th Jun 2015

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