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How much does it cost to relocate the mains electricity and consumer unit?

We have our mains electricity and consumer unit in a cupboard in a converted garage and would like to relocate it all to our hallway. How much would this job cost?

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Its unclear if you want just the fuseboard moved or the incoming mains cable from the street as well? if its the latter then you could well be looking at £2000 plus. If its the fuseboard on its own it could be anything from £300 - £500 depending on work involved and how much rewiring is required if cables are not long enough to reach the new position etc.


Answered 11th Jun 2015

To relocate CU you would probably have to rewire all circuits to new position, and install a sub main from your meter area. If you require your electricity mains/meter moved to the hall this would involve the electricity suppliers and would be costly. This job needs a survey and some thought before proceeding, and would be costly. Just to change the consumer unit at its existing position would be £300/400, but bear in mind new regulations next January that require CU's to be of non combustable materials or enclosed within similar


Answered 11th Jun 2015

I got a quote the other day for a 60A Supply to be upgrade to 100A for a customer. The supplier was British Gas and the DNO was UKPN. £1600 rough estimate. Similar a couple of weeks ago for a cut out move. So, no cheap.
Depending on the distance, you could move the CU on its own into the house. Some DNO's specify max between 3m between the cut out, but if they don't in your area (and many are starting to not impose what goes on beyond the cut out) it could be further - providing of course the electrician has designed the move, including loadings, material, cable etc. correctly.
As someone previously mentioned, you'd also need to have all the circuits that hang off the CU re routed as well.
RCD's, Howard.


Answered 15th Jun 2015

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