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Fuse board change


We recently engaged a NICEIC registered electrician to install one main fuseboard (20way with 16 circuits) and two small fuseboards in outbuildings (3/4 way). In his quote he mentioned that if there was any nuisance tripping at installation he would need to charge me more but advised it was very rare. (He charging me £1520 plus vat for installation)

After now installing, he claims that he can't issue me certificate as tripping is occurring and that I need to give him more money to do further tests which also doesn't guarantee that tripping will be solved.

We have a shared neutral which are the circuits causing issues and the ground floor sockets incl kitchen.

Now, I am trying to establish what he should have done as part of the installation and what should be considered as extra work? NICEIC are telling me that full testing should be part of the installation quote but electrician seems to think otherwise.
Help! End result is that I want a certificate for the job without being ripped off for further fees.

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You absolutely can NOT install a new consumer unit without issuing an Electrical Installation Certificate with a full Schedule of Test Results for every circuit and a Schedule of Inspections.
I would remind your electrician of this and tell him/her that you will inform the NICEIC of his/her failure to do so. If it turns out he/she is not a member of NICEIC then with hold your fee until they have had a registered competent Pedro come and sign off the certificates.
I personally always carry out a serries of tests (insulation resistance is important) before quoting a consumer unit change so that I can price the job according to the level of remedial work needed to avoid nuisance tripping.
It is fair enough to clearly state on a quotation that extra work may be needed to clear faults that cause tripping, personally I try to do this remedial work before starting the consumer unit and charge it as a separate job.
What is unfair is to charge you for tests that are essential anyway, if work needs to be carried out as a result of those tests that is up for negotiation.


Answered 10th Jun 2015

Of course the testing is part of it. If you have issues with nuisance tripping then that proves he hasn't done any testing? That is how the certificate is produced. Has he notified building control? You seem to have paid rather a lot for a deal of nothing. If he is part p registered get on to his provider. Good luck with this cowboy. You should not have handed any money over until you at least got the certificate.


Answered 10th Jun 2015

£1520 very very expensive for this job. Should have cost at least 50% less than this and with full testing included. You should have been advised to have had a full EICR carried out before the fuseboards were changed (approx. 3-4 hours work and circa £120. This would have identified all issues (shared neutrals etc) that could then have been accounted for in job quote.


Answered 11th Jun 2015


In order to change a consumer unit you need to test all of the circuits first however most customers will not pay for the testing at the quote stage so it is quite common to state that any faults found after the change will be charged that's exactly what we do

As far as the cert is concerned he should provide one but can't do so until the faults are found !!!!


Answered 21st Jul 2015

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