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6m x 6m single storey kitchen extension

what would be a price difference for 6m x 6m single storey kitchen extension in 1930's house with either flat roof and pitched roof.

Want to know the price difference for both.

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The coverings for flat roofs vary from asphalt, to GRP, to single ply through to metals (commonly zinc, copper etc.).

For anything other than asphalt, the cost is likely to be more; by how much will depend on the material, how much detailing is required (e.g. trims, up stands to rooflights), your location and the builder's expertise (whilst a general builder is likely to have the skills to construct a tiled pitched roof, it is probably a third party may be required to lay the flat roof.

Another cost differentiator is any rooflights you may opt for. Whilst Velux windows of pitched roofs are relatively cheap, the options for flat roofs are more expensive.

I hope the above is useful.



Answered 29th Jul 2015

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