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Building inspectors checking a conservatory

Hi there, we are looking at having a conservatory added to the back of our house. It will lead straight off from the living room with no doors inbetween. There will also be a door from kitchen into it with a closing door, but not a fire door.

My question is, we are also having a loft conversion done after the conservatory and worried that when building inspectors come in to check loft will they 'pull us up' on the fact there is a conservatory off living room with no door between. New conservatory will be 3 x 4 mts on a detached property.

Thanks for any replies.

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All whats said is fine, but adding a conservatory without door separating it from the house, needs planning consent.
Don't take my word for it double check!! I feel this is your real concern.
be careful (box cleaver)
Regards Chris

Answered 16th Oct 2011


Member since 7 Dec 2009

Hello just read all the comments above and as long as you keep your existing doors from the main house on you dont need anything as soon as you take them off the conservatory becomes habitable meaning you will need building regs full stop.

Answered 31st Oct 2011


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You are asking for trouble. What will happen if you ever want to sell your house?
The buyer's surveyor will clock it and it'll be unsellable.
It'll be extremely cold in the winter nights it'll cost a fortune to heat.
Put some doors in.

Answered 8th Sep 2011

Architech Planning services

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Strictly speaking you should have doors as you have already said however in my experience of conservatories and property selling I wouldn't worry about it at all. There is no reason for the inspector to go into the conservatory and if he does and says something just tell him they are on order ;-)

Also when you do sell a lot of surveyors don’t pick up on it and if they do the purchaser might tell them to forget it if they don’t want doors in the opening.
The worst case is you will have to buy doors when you move but at least you've had it how you want it.

I guess the short answer is don’t worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet :-)

Answered 8th Sep 2011

Vale Glazing & Construction

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I agree with Vale glazing the inspector is not bothered about your conservatory and lack of doors. Yes it will be colder without them in the winter but as long as the frame is still in place you can just replace them when you sell your property dont worry.

Answered 24th Sep 2011

Buddys property services

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I have been doing conservatorys for some time now and my question to u is why don't u have plans done to higher spec...i.e bigger cavity and well insulated floor as building inspector is only going on the calculations for room size and low E glass for conservatory.

All building control will be looking for is what is on spec and been passed and look to see that it has been done accordingly.

Cost wise should not be that much more.

Answered 1st Nov 2011


Member since 30 Oct 2011

I would pay the extra few quid and have a heavily glazed extension with bi folds and sky lights...and do away with the doors legally.

Answered 30th Mar 2017

HSDB t/a Homestyle uk

Member since 18 Feb 2015

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