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Kitchen glass extension quote/cost?

Hi guys

I'm looking for a rough figure to see if what I'm planning is achievable please? Fully understand a more detailed look and quote will be required at a later date.

I'm anticipate that I'll need 4 'phases' to achieve what I'm looking for and depending on the cost is how many I can get done at once!

Hopefully not too complex to achieve a rough figure for each stage!

1st: Remove internal wall between conservatory and kitchen (brick so may be load bearing) 2.5 m

2nd: Remove internal wall between kitchen and utility. 2.5m.
Relocate utility into garage. So a new wall and room will be needed to be built in garage. 2x3m. This will only be a new room within a double garage and not a full garage conversion.

3. The big one (I think). Remove external kitchen wall 3m length and replace with full glass panels. Also like to extend kitchen width into garden by 0.5-1m with glass roof.

4.Install kitchen units, new flooring etc into new widened kitchen. Fit only and I'd supply kitchen, tiles etc.

No immediate rush for the work, just trying to grasp how much this is all going to cost before we go ahead later in the year.
Many thanks.

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You would be wise to speak to your local planning office about your ideas and find out how they would feel to the proposal of fitting a glass wall as this may affect your decision to go ahead if they refuse, you would then speak to an engineer or architect to see if it is feasible, they would help to give you a rough guide on cost as they will be able to look a glass types, thickness and design. You would need to do this before a builder could really give you a quotation as there are so many other factors involved.
Hope this helps
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Answered 9th Jun 2015

Hi. You don't say where in the UK you are. I'm in Glasgow
Best way forward is to contact someone like myself who prepares drawings and specification for submission to councils


Answered 9th Jun 2015

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