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Fitting a washer/integrated single oven when plugs are integrated in separate unit

I need to change existing washer/oven but the plugs have been Integrated within the next unit when my kitchen was fitted a couple of years ago.Now I need to replace the appliances and hole for plugs is not big enough to feed old plug out or feed new plug in. What can I do?

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Take the plugs off and draw the cables out without the plugs on. If plugs are moulded they can be replaced with new 13A plug loaded with the corect fuse for the appliance. Some morons state that affects the warranty that is total rubbish as manufacturers are fine with plugs being removed for hard wiring ect. If it makes you feel safer you can call the manufacturers hot line to confirm if this is unclear in the user/installer handbook.


Answered 9th Jun 2015

Drill a bigger hole that the socket will pass through.


Answered 9th Jun 2015

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