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Wiring a hob and oven


I have a 6mm cable running from my fuse box to my induction hob. My hob is rated at 6.8kw. I am replacing my 13amp oven with a 16amp 3.65kw oven.

An "electrician" came out and said the cable was fine and has fitted a cooker plate and run the induction hob into the cooker plate and left me a cold tail to connect to the new oven when it arrives. He has also put a 50amp MCB on the fuse board end of the cable.

I am worried i have made a horrible mistake and the electrician has done unsafe work because without going into details alarm bells were going off when he was doing it which is why i am asking before the oven is connected.

Thank you in advance for all replied on this post, i really do appreciate any advice!

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What tests were carried out and what does it say on the Minor Electrical Works Certificate?


Answered 8th Jun 2015

With a max load of 10.45Kw the MCB should be 32A.
Using normal diversity calculations this is fine.
A 6mm T+E in an insulated wall has a max rating of 34A.
A 6mm T+E cable should not have a 50A MCB this is too high a rating for this size cable and under certain fault conditions could allow the cable to be overloaded past its design parameters and could be a definite fire risk.
Locate a registered electrician on the electricsafe register and have the job put right as a priority.


Answered 9th Jun 2015

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