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Extension to wood framed house

Hi, I would like to build a single storey extension to my house as permitted development, but there are a number of different parts we could extend and so I would like to understand the work needed and the cost implications when considering how to design it. In particular, how much is it likely to add if external walls were to be knocked down?

The house was built in 1999 with wood frame (not sure what type) and brick skin. The ground floor is timber (suspended), about 1.5' above the outside ground level though the developer tells me this is not because of any problem with the nature of the ground - they just liked building houses this way.

Originally I wanted to knock down a significant part of one external wall (4.5m) and an internal stud wall (1.9m but may be load bearing) and add a narrow but long (~7m x 1.8m) extension with pitched tiled roof. I have some basic drawings already but I am thinking this might be very expensive, and builders seem to suggest that knocking down the wall is tricky because of the wood frame (I guess the brick skin needs supporting).

I guess I would have to spend money on an architect and structural engineer before going any further, but this got me thinking that maybe we should be looking to avoid knocking down external walls, and to instead modify existing window or door openings (which obviously already have lintels). Would this be a lot cheaper, or is it not that simple in practice? How would you go about extending such a property? Would you source another wood frame, or use brick & block?

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Taking down the rear of the building should not be a major problem. As for supporting the external brickwork, This must be done, no matter if timber frame or brick and block construction.A structural engineer can tell you which beams and supports are required to carry the load from above.
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Answered 24th Jun 2015

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