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Flooring for a home gym and what goes under it?

We have a room 3m x 11m above a triple garage that has carpet at the moment with chipboard underneath.

We're making it a gym so there will be a few heavy machines including weights and a standing punhcbag up there.

2 questions as tradesmen are giving conflicting advice:

1) Would you put a Karndean type of floor there or commercial Polyflor vinyl?
2) Does the floor need a ply first - not matter what floor we go with?


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Personally, I'd put a layer of 6mm plywood down ontop of the chipboard just to make sure that the floor is perfectly level and to prevent any undulations going through to the finished floor.

Commercial Polyflor is a very good vinyl as is Karndean. However I'd recommend a heavier rubber based floor if large machinery and heavy dumbells are to be used.

There are many makes of flooring, however this is the type I would personally use if it was my area:

Hope this helps.



Answered 8th Jun 2015

best option would be to fit at least a 9mm ply floor and then fit polyflor sport 67 or something that is design for a gym area. A product like kardean is a good vinyl but when it comes to heavy equipment and weights begin dropped down onto the floor the sport 67 adds will add cushion and is designed to take the wear and tear of your gym equipment and

hope this helps

Jason @ Jr Floors


Answered 8th Jun 2015

First of all if you are putting heavy machinery on the floor , I would inspect the adequecy of the Joisting and bracing below. If this is ok, I would say that wether you have a Karndean or vinyl type floor you would need to either remove the chipboard and replace with ply, or go straight over the chipboard with ply. The reason I say this is that chipboard has quite a low impact resistance [ ie if a heavy weight is dropped or slammed down it could easily puncture ] whereas ply is much more resistant. If it were me I would probably go straight over the chipboard with 18mm ply as long as this did not effect anything else.


Answered 8th Jun 2015

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