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Debris/cement falinf from the underside of roof into loft

Debris /Cement falling from the underside of the roof into the loft making this area dusty & messy also creating a couple of slight gaps between the tiles allowing rain to leak in during very heavy rain/wind.
I have considered foam spray to seal the underside of the roof to stop the debris/cement falling down into the loft space but have read a few negative reviews about this method. Is there another quick non-expensive way to fix this (unable to afford a re-roof at the current time). Thanks

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It is called back pointing,this is the original way to stop draught and dust blowing into your loft.
If your roof is slated get it checked out for nail fatigue ( nails rotting between slate and lathe) If it is ok get someone in to re back point your roof.
This is the cheapest and best way to remedy your problem.


Answered 20th Sep 2011

Hi, I assume it is a slate roof. When the roof was first put on, years ago, the roofers will have "back pointed" the slates with a mixture of lime mortar and horse hair.

Hope this helps.


Answered 7th Sep 2013

1st dont get your inside foamed as when you apply foam it expands therfor it will push all your tiles up .if your roof is old then the cement coming through the roof is what they used to be fixed with instead of nails and the cement wears out then gets cure this is either new roof job or get the inside felted between the rafters.


Answered 8th Sep 2011

could fix silver foil backed plaster board over front of roof joists but would have to be 8 foot long by the width of the joists, this will also not allow water to penetrate the plaster board as it is foil backed then the water would run down the foil and evaporate provided it is not too heavy a roof leak


Answered 8th Sep 2011

it will be an old roof where they have bedded tiles/slates with mortar.. the gaps are probably from no felt underlay will be losing so much heat/energy because of this + lack of insulation. your probably better off removing tiles/slates and applying breatherable felt and batten and re-using tiles/slates .. then when you have time and money insulate your roof from inside. this way you dont need to pay through the nose for tiles/slates but get a new roof ..
regards Damion.


Answered 8th Sep 2011

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