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Extending an existing extension (sort of)

We're looking at buying a mid terraced house and at the back there is a single storey, full width extension (4.5m wide) split roughly in two, half is enclosed as the kitchen and the other half is used as a 'Sun Room' which is half brick with PVCu double glazed windows and polycarbonate roof.

Has anybody a rough idea of costs to extend the kitchen into this area and knocking through from the dining room, bearing in mind it would require supporting a load bearing wall.

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Are you looking to have a full tiled roof over the sun room? If so removing the dividing wall, structural works and carrying out the roof work would be between £5-6k. Depending on the standard of finish required in the kitchen and if it was a full new kitchen required this would need to be added to this cost.



Answered 5th Jun 2015

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