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Tree Surgery

average prices for removing tree

Anonymous user 3 June 2015 - 10.25 AM

What's a guide price for removing a tree either down to stump level or roots included?

3 answers from MyBuilder tradespeople

Morgan Sunley Arboriculture and Rural Skills
Rating: 5 out of 55513 reviews

Prices all depend on site size, access, tree size, and anything under the tree that may get damaged such as sheds, garage, phone lines etc. If the site is large enough and there is nothing to damage a straight fell of the tree is the cheapest method, however if the site is small, or there is a garage etc under the tree it would require dismantling which does cost more. If you're after a quote the best bet is to ring alocal tree surgeon, most don't charge for quoting jobs.


23 June 2015


Cedar Group Trade
Rating: 5 out of 55536 reviews

Depending on height access and width/weight I couldn't be accurate, but lets say for example a 12ft silver bearch it would cost no more than £300 you would also need to have the stump grind-ed down afterwards and please be aware of root shrinkage if close to your house as this may cause a hole underground and find out if there is a tree protection order before removal. hope this helps


4 June 2015