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Do i need an electrical certificate?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to buy a new house however a few plug sockets in the kitchen have been added. I know that previously this was a 'special' location so is notifiable. However after reading other questions and comments, and Approved Document P I'm not sure whether this no longer applies.

Just not sure whether to hassle the seller in to getting a certificate for this work or I'm wasting my time.

Thank you in advance

Thanks to everyone who responded, very helpful

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If your in England or Scotland its classed as minor works.

If your in Wales, they are still using the older edition of Part P where a kitchen is still classed as a special location.

quick answer -
England/Scotland - not notifiable
Wales - Notifiable


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

hi; you need an Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (DEICR); It`s show to you,which is the general state of the entire electrical installation from you house; after then ,an qualified engineer will tell you what is good,and what is wrong; cheers;


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

It depends on when the sockets were added as to whether part P notification was required or not, chances are that it was never notified. Irrespective of whether the work was notified to building control or not under Part P, there should still be an electrical installation certificate and test results available as these have always been required and should be provided to the client by the electrician doing the work.


Answered 3rd Jun 2015


You are correct in thinking that work in a kitchen is no longer notifiable, however, the electrician that completed the work should have still issued a minor works certificate to the customer. Also, if the new cables installed for the added sockets have been buried in the wall at a depth of less than 50mm, there also needs to be RCD protection covering those new cables.

I hope this helps you, don't hesitate to ask if there's anything else you need to know.


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

Depending on when the sockets were added and who the works were carried out by depends on the level of risk.
You could ask the property owner if they were installed by an electrician or done by themselves and roughly when they were carried out. If they have been there for years then the level of risk is less.
However for peace of mind you could request an electrical inspection certificate as part of the sale. This is minimal cost and carried out within a couple of hours and not uncommon now with property purchases. I'm sure the property owner wouldn't refuse to guarantee a sale.

Hope this helps.



Answered 3rd Jun 2015

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