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Modifying a garage conversion to use as dining space

hi, I bought this modern build townhouse property in Kirklees, England with Integrated Garage part converted to a utility/extra room next to kitchen at ground floor. However the entrance to the room is through kitchen door (cooking area) and not convenient for guests to use.
I wanted to create a door on the wall (which is already modified into a large glass closed window (metal frame) towards the reception - to allow an open arched door through reception.
2. Though the room is neatly done and has enough space for dining area but its very cold as the walls towards the part Garage may not be additionally insulated and there is no radiator. Electric fitting is done. All permissions in place, with job carried out by previous owner.
What is the likely timescale and budget, and can some one provide quotes.

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Where in UK are you ?
Did the owner get permission for the works ?
Did he get a completion certificate ?
The walls should be insulated


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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