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Light fitting "clicking"

I've just bought a new house and noticed last night in the spare bedroom that when you turn the light off (it has a dimmer switch) one of the light fittings makes a clicking noise about every 15 seconds for a while afterwards - however it had stopped by the morning. Is this just the lightbulb cooling down? Is it anything to worry about? And might just changing to a different light bulb be the answer?

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It could be exactly as you've described in your post, and changing the lamp is the best place to start problem solving.
If you're ever at all worried about any electrical appliance, fitting or outlet then isolate the supply and contact an electrician to check it out for you. Posting a job on here as an urgent repair is always a safe bet.

I hope you have no further issues with a new lamp.


Answered 29th May 2015

Don`t worry my friend; change the dimmer with a switch, or check if your dimmer is on 200watt or 400watt;if is small try and change it with a bigger one; How many watts have you got to hte lights, in that room?


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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