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2nd house possible?


Just wondering do any of the experts on here think I would get planning for a second house even if 3 bed instead of my 4 bed on my corner plot if I knocked my double garage? I know it's difficult from images but a rough idea may be good.


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Get the best advice from a planning consultant, ask your local awthority for the most used consultant in the area, he will be on first name terms


Answered 1st Jun 2015

We have just veiwed this with the planning consultant in our office, and as usual with this type of proposal, is the main casue of concern is overdevelopment and parking provisions. Generally, even if your on very good terms with local planners, they will not respond without a formal application.
With regard this small development, we would suggest a very quick site plan to determine what may be feasible and a pre-applicaiton which should only carry a fee of approx. £100.00 depending on the local authority. For guidance a feasibility we would charge £350.00 + vat.
I hope this of assistance and good luck with your project.
Mark Holman
(HRP Architects.)


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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