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Electric fireplace suite connection

Thank you for response to my question about fireplace suite, I am not worried about losing warranty if I cut off the plug ( the plug is not moulded anyway) What I wan't to know is can I connect the fire's cable to a connector that is already in place behind the fire that which wired into the fcu that is positioned on the wall. This would mean that no trailing cable, Would this be safe?

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If you cut off the plug you will lose the warranty; Check how many watts got your fireplace suit; Divide: Xwatt: 240V=Yamp; (Xwatt is how many watt got fire place suit);Check the amp of your connector positioned on the wall ,behind the fire ;This is Zamp; Yamp need to be not more than 75% from Zamp; If is smaller is well,but not more; In this case you can connect fireplace suit in that connector; Otherwise you have to buy a bigger one (amp) connector; cheers


Answered 1st Jun 2015

You can supply the fire from the fused connection unit. Take the fuse out the original plug ( which should be 13 amps?) and fit this in the fcu if it doesn't have one in place already. Gordon.


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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