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My roof tiles overhang my neigbour's by about 1.5 inch. can i change it so my roof has no overhang ?

Hi, I was wondering whether you can help me with an issue. I have recently changed the roof on my extension from a flat roof to a pitched roof. The tiles of the pitch roof overhang into my neighbour's extension by about 1.5 inches and is directly above his box gutter. This means the water from 1.5 inches of my roof will be going into his box gutter. The neighbour is threatening to go to the court to get me to remove/ change my roof. My question is can I change the roof so there is no overhang and will I be able to do this without taking the existing roof off. The tiles are slate.


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Offer your neighbour cash for a written agreement if they refuse let em take you to court, you blame your builder, he won't go to court tell the presiding judge you don't understand roofs, I bet he won't and I think your neighbour will just get used to it, cash is king

Answered 31st May 2015

Signature Design, Build and Restoration Ltd

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You could strip the first metre of slate by v method, then introduce your own box gutter !!

Answered 30th May 2015

Northwest Roofing and Building Maintenance

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Great neighbour, why do we have so many unreasonable people out's not the end of the world!

You will have to cut the tiles or perhaps fit a gutter beneath the eaves - if possible - would need to see the detail.

Answered 30th May 2015


Member since 26 Jul 2012

I would suggest cutting the slates flush with the wall, adding a fascia board if there currently isn't one and and then a capping board over the slates. Ross (High spec roofing)

Answered 26th Jan 2017

High-Spec Roofing

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Why can t you do join up sending 1.5 inches is not lot you can't go level if it is going over a wall the water won t run away I like to see a photo of it at moment I guessing how it is going on to the neighbours side

Answered 28th May 2015

1st Call Roofing Bristol

Member since 23 Mar 2015

The only solution I would suggest for this would be to strip part of the roof , mark each slate and cut each individual one. The other option would be to take the roof off and re-slate. This would cost you a lot more money.
Hope this helps
T Davies & Son Roofing

Answered 29th May 2015

T Davies & Son Roofing

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Simple solution would be to cut slate flush and lead soaker each one and treat as a chimney flash allowing water to flow into your gutter

Answered 30th May 2015

BMD Roofing & Loftspace

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just my thoughts but the spec for a tile or slate roof is to overhang, you roofer /builder has just done what he supposed to do, as would anyone else we overhang 40/50mm every time i cant really think why the man next door says its putting water over his side, as not that much comes off the edge. just my thoughts. i defo would not offer him cash as its an addition of something that's not a fault, cutting the tiles flush with the end of the building is asking for damp problems in the future.

Answered 1st Dec 2015

MillField General Builders

Member since 2 Feb 2015

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