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Hi I am looking to replace my current boiler with a combi as making a room in loft. I need advice on make and model to be reliable for 4 bed house that has household when all at home together of 4adults and 2 children.

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Boiler sizing is dependant upon may things: Number & Size of Radiators, Length of pipework, Number of rooms, Thermal Coefficiecy of property, Prevailing Climate, Hot Water usage etc.
Personally, I would visit an online Boiler Sizing Calculator website such as
This site is impartial and applies solely the principles of thermodynamics.
After all - boiler replacement is a big-ticket item and a quality of life investment. Its all about the math!!!


Answered 3rd Jun 2015

Like anything else.... the more you pay the better it will be.


Answered 1st Jun 2015

Hi,does your house have an en suite?
with 4 adults residing in the same household, I would imagine there is a fairly substantial hot water demand. Therefore, I would recommend installing an unvented Hot water cylinder, rather than a combi boiler.


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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