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Considering extension to ground floor flat - where to start?

Inspired by a friend and stupid house prices I've created a rough plan for a potential extension to our ground floor Victorian conversion. Being a flat we will be going the full planning permission route and have the added complication of having a garden which is spilt and open with our upstairs neighbour.

Ideally we would buy out the entire garden, or even the front half their plot would be great, but that may not be possible, we would at least need to build over some of the shared path - these aren't really used and access can easily be reconfigured so I suspect the neighbours would be ok with this. I presume we will work out a fee for buying out the land and cover the legal costs for transfer of these shared areas before we can apply for permission. But is it best to get out a few builders to quote first to advise on the feasibility of the project before approaching and buying any land?

Another query is with regards to the rule about building no more than 3m out from the original rear of the building - the back is staggered with a small, single storey, extension already built onto the shorter side of the house. Would we be allowed to extend the shorter side out to match, so the house whole is squared off or does the 3m rule apply to the original staggered, L shape, format?

and does the party wall agreement - getting surveyors etc. - take place once planning permission is granted but prior to commencing the work?

Thanks in advance. This will be a proper family home with an extension and we'd have a generous budget which would be cheap compared to moving to a comparable size property.

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Builders' quotes at this stage would be very rough estimates indeed. We would recommend that you first find an architect that you feel happy with; the architect will be the one who will go through the planning permission process and would be better able to advise you about boundary issues, how they can affect the design of your extension, and how they can best be resolved.

Spending a bit more money at the initial planning stage of the project will undoubtedly save you money later on.

Good luck!

Rob Wilson


Answered 10th Jun 2015

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