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Do i need planning permission? existing loft refurb

Do I need planning permission?

I have bought a property with an existing loft (in Westminster - Queens Park) that is much lower than current standards, the windows are smaller and the staircase is spiral and doesnt feel solid.

I would like to get rid of the staircase and install one in line with the original, extend the dormer by a third to maximise the room (and in line with others in the area), increase the height (no higher than the roof) and install an ensuite.

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This would depend on the extent of the refurb, as most loft conversions fall under permitted development as long as they are not front facing, and so no planning permission is needed. You would need building regulations though to ensure it meets current standards if you are going to enlarge it.


Answered 25th May 2015

Very probably! your local planning office can advise you, but if others have been done then they cant object.
Good luck Paul


Answered 25th May 2015

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