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Hi guys and girls. I am working my self i work with alot of other trades but recently my sparky has let me down which is not good for buiness. i dont often need sparks but when some asks who can i recommend i prefer to provide a tradesman.

Normally i am looking for someone to wire showers up new fuseboards down lighters and shower pumps and boilers up,

I normally do work in falkirk and edinburgh area but some times travel out this area,

If you think your able to help me out please get in touch and i will pass work your way thanks

Steven Smt Plumbing and heating

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Answered 19th Oct 2011

Nice one go to this site and look for a registered spark its easy just put in your postcode and all the local sparks come up with contact details.
hope this helps


Answered 9th Sep 2011

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