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My neighbours have recently built a extension and there guttering comes over into our garden. When it rains heavily the guttering doesn't catch the water and it splashes on my bricks. I am concerned this may cause damp or other damage but want some advice prior to approaching them

I have uploaded a video if you would be kind enough to view and opinion please?


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This situation will be damaging for your property. The water flowing down your wall and pooling at the bottom is more than the structure has been designed to withstand. You may very well start to see damp ingress. Talk to your neighbor about channeling the water away to rectify this situation. If he is reluctant you may want to remind him that he has a duty of care not to damage your property. This is a poor design that has not been thought through properly, or has been left incomplete. A correct drainage system will collect and remove all rain water that can reasonably be expected to fall.
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Answered 22nd May 2015


From the look of your video the down pipe is not correct at all. To solve this problem they should run the down pipe so it runs directly into the guttering underneath and then flows away instead of into your property. I am assuming that they got planning permission for this extension?

They way to solve this problem is speak to the neighbor and ask them to get the tradesman back to sort the problem out by making the down pipe feed into the below guttering properly.

If the neighbor refuses to get it done or just fails to get it done in a timely fashion you can speak to your local council about it and if they agree with your complaint they will tell them to get it done.

I hope this helps


Answered 22nd May 2015

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