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Painting on bare plaster

I've had my walls skimmed and was wondering what the reason would be why the plasterer has then painted white emulsion directly on the plaster? I didn't ask him to but he said he always did it as it shows up any imperfections.
I thought you had to seal the plaster first? I'm now getting his paint peeling off, revealing bare plaster, as I'm trying to paint the room.

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Alot of people will try this to save money on an appropriate new plaster paint , or pva size sealent solution !.
this "quick fix" usually always results in the paint peeling of because it reacts with the new unsealed plaster.
Not too worry tho with a good sand and prep, then a proper sealent coat before a re paint.... your walls should be fine .

Hope this helps
james- ColourTECH Decorators


Answered 20th May 2015

hi there
can I ask did he water the emulsion down or did he put it on straight from the tub?
in my experience its best to water down 50/50 to seal the plaster then allowing your top coats to be applied !


Answered 20th May 2015

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