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Building regulations

What exactly are Building Regs?

We have planning permission, are Building Regs something that can stop an extension?

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No they can't stop it,
they are there to make sure that all the work is being carried out accordingly
with current regulations, they are for your safety making sure that nothing falls on your head in the future.
you should have engineers report stating spec of lintels, rsj's, insulation's etc.
Building reg inspector will check if proper stuff is installed in proper manner, check for electric cert, gas cert if applicable, and if he's happy he'll issue a 'Completion Certificate' and then you know that your contractor didn't cut corners.

Also depending on how tricky the project is?? They keep on top. Lets take as an example simle load bearing wall removal, and toilet fitting in completley new place..
You get your calculations done and youre application placed, theyll call to se every stage if completed as book writes...

1. Beam rested safe( hard brick underlayed several layers, 10 cm or 20 cm rest for single or double beam
2. Fire proof beam wrapping,( single red or double normal board
3. Toilet waste connection to waste system, angles and orange pipe must bees,
4. If stated more to be done on the application, obviousley, they'll be inspecting every stage untill you become friends.. he he.
If you think about the future use of your product, use common sense, you'll allways pass. Small job builderKam


Answered 9th Nov 2016

Building regulations are what the tradesman need to follow for the job to be safe.
If building control find that building regulations are not being followed then they can halt construction. On the further end of the spectrum, If they find that the completed extension has not followed building regulations then they will fine who ever did the work and make them either put everything right at their own cost, or if its deviated beyond the point of safety they will make them pay to get it demolished.

Simple answer, Building regulations have to be followed during the construction of your extension. If they are not followed, worst case scenario is that it gets demolished when finished.

Research the tradesman you are going to use, make sure you get referrals, make sure you view their previous work which relates to your job. And always ensure you draw up a contract.

I hope this is what you meant.


Answered 20th May 2015

Hi Stuart,

Building Warrants cover the regulations. The extension must comply with them eg insulation to roof, floor, walls and glazing. Construction of walls etc. ventilation. Socket provision etc.
I m in Glasgow and I prepare and submit applications for planning and building warrants


Answered 20th May 2015

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