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Ceiling rose replacement, wago connector advise please

Hello, I have recently replaced a ceiling rose pendant light fitting with a new light fitting with some Wago connectors and I’m after some advice.

The ceiling rose had 3 cables (9 wires) feeding into it and this is how I wired it:

3 red loop wires into a 222-413 connector (allows 3 wires in one side and is secured with leavers)

1 switch live (black with red sleeve) into a 224-101 connector (allows 1 wire in one side and 1 wire out the other) with the out wire attached to the light fitting live (brown)

2 other black wires into 224-112 connector (allows 2 wires in one side and 1 wire out the other) with the out attached to the light fitting neutral (blue).

3 earths in to 773-104 connector (allows 4 wires in one side) with an additional wire attached to the light fitting earth (striped yellow and green).

I’m pretty confident about the job other than my use of the 773-104 connector to combine all the earths into one wire that is then connected to the light fitting.

I’m hoping someone can let me know if this was correct way to wire this. If there was a connector like the 224-112 but had three in one side and one out the other I’d be more confident.

Hope you can help

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Hi Rob
The use of wago connectors is now very commonplace in the industry. The way you have connected the earths is perfectly fine, as this is basically a 4 way connector block meaning you are maintaining earth continuity to the rest of the lights on the circuit, but you are also earthing the fitting you have installed.
If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact me.
Ian Blake
Blakes Electrical Ltd


Answered 19th May 2015

Sounds about right, but as always with electrical stuff if your not confident then your not competent and really should be leaving it alone.


Answered 19th May 2015

What sort of reading did your tester give you after you made the connections?


Answered 25th May 2015

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