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Can i remove a balcony in a purpose built building?

I have bought a flat, an ex local authority ground floor flat in a lovely area. It has two patios; one attached to the kitchen leading to extra storage and one attached to the living room and master bed room. I would like to remove this second patio This second patio uses up some space from the living room and bedroom. I would like to remove it and create a wall/window in its place to make the living room and master bedroom bigger.

My question is whether this is possible to do in a purpose built, ex local authority, ground floor flat. I'm aware it means the exterior of the flat will look slightly different (in my opinion, an improvement) than other flats in the building.

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If the flat is lease holen the local authority will have a leaseholder development department which can advise on wether a development on a property is possible, if you are freehold i would think you can develop as you like, planning permitted.


Answered 18th Aug 2015



Answered 7th Mar 2019

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