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Loft insulation for eaves

Hi guys, could someone tell me what insulation and any other materials I would need to insulate my loft eaves please? The floor has been insulated but nothing on the vertical walls that are in the loft conversion rooms, so it's freezing cold in winter and red hot in summer. I've been told that Knauf combi cut earthwool is the best thing, would you agree? Also I've read that I'd need minimum 270mm, would I be best using 2x150mm or 1x200mm and 1x100mm? I appreciate any help.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Insulation Installer

I would suggest Celotex because they are much better insulators than Knauf combi cut earthwool or similar products, you only need say 120mm Celotex compared with 300mm of Earthwool. Plus Earthwool is not really practical to be used vertically in a wall so that leaves little choice. Look around and online for more competitive prices for Celotex or Kingspan or similar.


Answered 26th Jan 2017

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