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Relocating washing machine to bathroom

We are planning to move the washing machine from the kitchen to the bathroom. This is so that we can install a dishwasher in place of the washing machine in the kitchen. All the rooms in the flat are on the same floor. This is for flat that will be let to tenants.

Are there any safety regulations that we need to consider while doing this? Or is this is not allowed under the safety regulations?

Thank you

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If you have a shower In your bathroom, it is classed as a special location and a socket cannot be installed within 3 metres of the bath. If it is just a toilet or conventional bath then the only regulations that stipulate it are cables routed properly, 30mA RCD protection and some common sense to the siting of the socket


Answered 18th May 2015

Very dangerous and a very bad idea to have a washing machine in the bathroom. As others have said making it a compliant an safe installation would mean you would have to have a massive bathroom such that the socket for the washing machine is 3m away from the bath!


Answered 20th May 2015

Hi the regs state this

1 must be wired via a fixed fuse spur with RCD protection
2 must be outside of zone 1
3 must be suitable for use in that environment only manufacturer can answer that

4 Any electrical connection must be 3 meters from zone 1

Frankly this is crazy idea and regardless of regs in my opinion is downright dangerous
I would certainly not do it under any circumstances


Answered 18th May 2015

Any fixed electrical item in a bathroom must be at least 3 meters away from the water source. Which i dare say your bathroom will not be this big. So unfortunately you will not be able to do this.


Answered 18th May 2015

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