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£10,000 for a 4 square meter extension?

Hi there,
I have been quoted about £10,000 for a 4 square meter extension and just wondering if this is about right as I was expecting it to be less. Looking to extend an 'L' shape house to an oblong shape house. Will need to knock down two internal walls so it is an open room and the builder is thinking two steel beams for about £1,500 each which is included in the price. Will need an external door also. No electrics needed. Many thanks for any help :)

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Hi Samantha
It does seem quite expensive to be fair.Do you have drawings and steel calculations done ?
Please feel free to contact me on here.
Dj construction
regards Darren


Answered 15th May 2015

Hi Samantha

Which area are you in?
We are based in Manchester and would advise a budget of £6-7k. This would be adjusted if there were any anomalies and dependant on the standard of finishes.



Answered 3rd Jun 2015

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