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I have just bought a conservatory on ebay which is 5.8m x 3.8m, but the back wall of my house is only 5m wide.

It is an Edwardian conservatory. There is also a side gate next to the house which is about 0.8m. Is there any way to possibly make the conservatory fit? I want to use Easybase instead of digging the foundations. Has anyone used this for a conservatory and if so, how did they find it? Can anybody help?

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Good evening Jenny yes this is quite easily resolvable by make a make a piece to cover the area you need filling. We have had to do this for a few conservatories in the past that people have asked us to install. Easy base is a fantastic and cost effective way to make your conservatory structurally sound and have used this system numerous times when access is hard or deep footings are required. Feel free to Google our company as our website shows some of the above mentioned conservatories.

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Answered 6th Sep 2011

yes, you can get an additional window or door to fill the void but it may look like an after thought, or a solution to a miss measure which it is to be fair. Sometimes what seems like a good deal can turn out to be wasted money.


Answered 3rd Oct 2011

Hi Jenny

Yes there is a way to make this conservatory fit.
All you will need to do is order another door or frame for the bit that overlaps the side of the house. A door would be a nice idea as you will have another way out up your side alley, that's if I’m picturing your scenario correctly?
As far as the easy base is concerned they can be an ok idea if you have full height frames on your conservatory but in my experience it would be better and cheaper to put an insulated concrete base in. If you have dwarf walls to build then i would always use traditional build.

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Answered 6th Sep 2011

You could build a wall where your gate is but would this not block access?

Why did you buy a conservatory that is too big?


Answered 6th Sep 2011

Hi jennycolton300,

You don't say what type you have if its a lean to just reduce the size of a roof panel,and an up right panel.Easybase is what it says, very easy to use you just dig the pile holes,concrete and away you go.hope this helps you make up your mind.


(Greengate Builders)


Answered 6th Sep 2011

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