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Flooring question? new build

Just purchased a new build and we need to do the flooring ourselves as we ddint not purchase from the builder. I'm having wooden flooring downstairs in the lounge and the current floor is concrete

1) Do I need to level the floor before installing the flooring?
2) Do I need underlay between the flooring and the wood? If so what is the best one to use.


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the floor should be level even if not completely smooth
recycled green card underlay is good enough


Answered 13th May 2015

Main thing to do is test the floor for moisture. If new build then the concrete might not be dry enough to be laying floor coverings. Concrete takes 1mm per day to dry out. You can lay a liquid DPM to it if it still has a lot of moisture.
On underlays go with a decent one like timber max s3 which is better for insulation.


Answered 29th May 2015

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