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Outdoor circuit- lights and a socket

I already have an outdoor socket, run with 4mm from the CU. This was done as part of my rewire.

I now want outdoor lights and a socket at the end of the garden. I was thinking as follows;

Spur off the existing socket with a 13a weatherproof FCU, use SWA to first light, then to second light, then into weatherproof socket, and then cable from the socket to the last light. Can all these go on the same circuit? The lights are LED so minimal draw. The socket would only be for a TV occasionally, so 13A at the FCU should be ok?

Would I need to get it 'signed off?'

Thank you in advance

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Bad design - the lights need to be fused down to 3A or max 5A. You need to rethink this :)


Answered 12th May 2015

Hi this work will need to be signed off by a competent person ie member of NICEIC OR SIMILAR so best call a sparky


Answered 12th May 2015

this work will need signing off by member of nic eic or similar i would also recommend the work be carried out by an electrician. however you would beable to use the 4mm supply currently in i presume this is on the outside of your house. the 4mm armoured would be suitable the way you mentioned and for termination purposes i would fit a fused spur at each light as you wont get 2x 4mm in light connections, this will allow you to fuse down for each light to manufacturers instructions and also keep the 13a supply needed for the socket in garden.
hope this helps


Answered 13th May 2015

To give any advise on the information provided would be risky, would need to know additional information including the likes of:

- details of existing circuit, what it's supplying, number of points ect
- supply characteristics of installation
- rating of protective device
- how the cable will be run (buried ect - there could be factors to add in to calculations based on this)
- design current of the circuit
- length of overall cable run

Calculations would have to be done to confirm that the voltage drop in the circuit would be acceptable and that the size of your earth cable would be sufficient. (all may sounds overboard but important from a safety point of view)

I would advise (like previous posts) that you reconsider your design and recommend calling an electrician who is self-certified with a body such as NICEIC, NAPPIT or ELECSA, also to review their work and evidence of competence as there are a lot out there ATM that are producing the work of a shoddy DIYer.

This work will require a certificate and even if you do the work on your own you will be hard pushed to find an electrician who is above board to certify it for you - so unfortunately this time I'd call in a pro (sorry).


Answered 1st Jun 2015

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