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Fuse box location

I moved into rented property and have a fuse box above the cooker, which I think is dangerous. Is it illegal to have it there and do I need to get it relocated? Thanks

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The Regulations state that the fuse box has to be in an accessible location. Being above a cooker, personally I would think, isn't very accessible. True they have to be out of the way of water pipes and be in a location where people cannot randomly interfere with them unknowingly. To get a relocation of your fuse box would be costly so I would approach your landlord about it, also if the box is not a current standard box the electrician would recommend a new box altogether. If this is the route that the landlord takes, I would wait until February next year as new fire rated boxes are being introduced. Hope this helps


Answered 12th May 2015

No its not illegal, but it does not sound ideal. Would be far cheaper and easier to get the cooker moved than spend hundreds of pounds or more getting the fuseboard re-located. Ask your landlord for a copy of the latest electrical safety certificate (required to be done every 5 years) and see if the issue was highlighted on the report.


Answered 20th May 2015

Hi ,
it is not illegal. Although there a guidelines which are advised for the position of accessories within a kitchen area. These are minimum distances. These are set as guidance . For safety and best practise.


Answered 12th May 2015

Yes dangerous
Yes illegal


Answered 12th May 2015

No it is not illegal. As long as it is not positioned within minimum recommended distances from heat source or services it will be fine. Not the best position in the world for access but the position does mean its not likely to be messed with.


Answered 13th May 2015

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